Open Safely

Open+ is an all-in-one COVID-19 prevention solution for enterprises, small businesses, universities, labs, and manufacturing plants.

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Outbreak Prevention

An outbreak on your campus would impose the immediate shut down of in-person activities. Having to shut down would be a massive economic strain on your business. Open+ allows your business to stay open by predicting and managing an outbreak before it happens.

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Data-driven Solution

Keep your employees as safe as possible during this national health crisis through our data-driven risk assessment and targeted testing. Notify the highest risk individuals before they test positive to keep them healthy and your business up and running.

Frictionless Contact Tracing

Trace the potential movement of the virus throughout your business using our automatic contact tracing system powered by smart cards and phones. Our system captures the interactions and automatically notifies all exposed individuals upon a positive test.

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Personal Privacy Uncompromised

We track the virus, not the people - using only anonymous and encrypted random ID’s to represent an employee’s device. The only link between personal information and the interactions data is a secure exposure notification that works anonymously on the back-end.


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