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The most advanced driver feedback sign
tackles the most prevalent unsafe driving behaviors.

Distracted Driver Detection

Seat Belt Detection

Speed Detection


Get Immediate Results

01. Comprehensive Safe Driving Solution

The sign detects three of the top causes of motor vehicle deaths: speeding, distracted driving, and not wearing a seatbelt along with other unsafe driving behaviors.

02. Effective

Research studies repeatable show a driver will change their behavior when alerted by a driver feedback sign. Over a 4 week period we reduced the percent of distracted drivers by 32%.

03. Data Driven Approach

Easily check your cloud-enabled dashboards to quantify the impact of your SmartSign fleet. Understanding where and when unsafe driving occurs helps make better policy and resource decisions.


Work Zones

Distracted Driving is one of the leading causes of work zone deaths.

Pedestrian Zones / BID

Prevent pedistrian fatalities caused by distracted or speeding drivers.

School Zones


Protect our children by ensuring drivers are alert in school zones.

Residential Communities

Ensure your community is driving safely to protect your residents.

“Driver Feedback signs are one of the most effective and cost efficient tools we have. Now driver feedback signs can reduce distracted driving and seat belt use, as well.” 

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